About the Authors

Blue Huntington

I am a multi-traditional polytheist, with practices that are both pagan and non-pagan, and varying years of experience in each tradition. I practice a reconstructionist approach to my pagan traditions, and I focus in all my traditions on a healthy relationship between practitioner and spirit. I also publish posts on my personal spirit-working and magic blog, Where Spirits Tread.

Magical Items, Physical Properties

Popular Veneration in the West

Sleep & Its Spirits

On Taking Things One Step at a Time

Cultural Context, and Why It’s Helpful


Asian Celestial Animals

Let’s Talk About Help

Kami of Snow & Rain

Magical McCormick (a.k.a., Taking the Thyme to Talk About Herbs)

The Lion, Great of Strength

The Thinning Veil, the Shorn Hedges, or Whatever Else You Want To Call It

Aaron/Twilight Druid

Hello, my name is Aaron (Aka Twilight Druid).

I have been practicing Paganism for about 8 years. I got my start in ADF style Druidry but have since branched out into my own solitary druidic style. Since then I have branched into energy work, Jedi Realism, Pop-culture paganism, and rune reading. I have worked with deities in the Celtic, Norse, and Slavic pantheons. I am an open book and will share my knowledge to the best of my ability. If any of this piques your interest, let me know. I will gladly tailor my posts to the interests of readers.

Thanks for reading!

What is Druidry?



My name is Kati, and I’ve been practicing Hinduism for about 16 years – the first six as a solitary practitioner, you could even say a mystic; the last ten years as the wife of an Indian guy who was actually born into the tradition and knows the rules I had no idea existed!

In this blog you will find writings about how I make sense of the 3.5 million gods who are really just the avatars of The One Creator; how I navigate through endless festivals and celebrations, and how I throw birthday parties for the gods who actually have birthdays, or how I celebrate those who were not born.

Cosmic hierarchy

The Calling of Shiva

Why I Picked Up The Call

Everyday rituals

Hindu Festivals: Janamashtami


Truth be told, I don’t know why I let my friend talk me into running a blog. I’ve never been able to keep up with things like journals, or even a forum that I love dearly. Despite my best efforts to remain content in my quiet little hidey-hole, my friend’s boisterous “do it for the sake of a greater world” coaxes have led us to this.

And here we are.

I find introductions to be dreadfully boring. It always feels the same to me. What shall I call you? What pronouns do you use? How old are you? How long have you been a Pagan? Who do you work with? What are you dreams? Aspirations? Goals? Kinks?

Well, the last one may just be a common discussion among my friend group (and believe me, it is a frequently occurring topic), but as for the rest, I currently go by Angel, the English translation of my name. At least, I’ve been told that Angel is what my Hawaiian first name translates to, although I have yet to find any source to prove it. I use they/them pronouns, am 21 years old, and have technically been Pagan since my “Wiccan Phase” in junior year of high school, which was swiftly interrupted by a brief stint in a Baptist church. What can I say? The sudden crescendo of energetic and psychic awareness in my life freaked me out, and I sought refuge the only way my Southern upbringing knew how: Jayzus. Too bad I was far too gay to handle the ramblings of a surprisingly young pastor. Having a girlfriend on the side didn’t help in that department. Not considering that she was also Pagan. Anyway, more officially, I have been Pagan since freshman year of college, thanks to a lovely little group known as Pagan Student Association. To date, I work with my ancestors, many Names within the Kemetic Pantheon, Loki, and The Morrigan.

My raison d’être is to be a teacher. High school English is my poison. I may go on to administration or school counseling or any number of things after that. All I know is that standing in front of a class of students is part of my Fate. How? Why? To Hell if I know. I just knew as early as middle school, maybe sooner. There are a few of those little things that I just know like that. It’s more annoying than you might think.

…Oh, were you waiting on that last question? Puh-leeze. At least take me to a nice dinner first.

Abnormal Anecdotes

Musing about Music

Returning from Reality


My name is Melanie, but I practice under the name Valfreyja (or Val), so that’s how you’ll probably learn to call me. I’ve been in and out of Paganism since middle school but started going steady with it once I hit college and found a community that was accepting enough to let me flourish and learn who I was and what I believed.

My focus is mostly in Nordic traditions, but I dabble in many other things as well. I don’t like to be tied down to the rules or barriers of pantheons, so I work with Loki and Freyja, as well as Hades and Persephone, while also calling or honoring those who tend to poke me with a stick every once in a while. My practice is basically a big scrapbook of beliefs that seem to suit me well, and though I love having a community online to talk to and learn with, I’m a pretty solitary practitioner when it comes to my religion. I guess that’s it. Let’s get this party started!


A Day In History – Poem


I’ve been a practicing Heathen for the last ten years and part of the Pagan community for the last two decades. I currently serve as the priest for both Loki and Freyr, and I am the founder of the Loki’s Wyrdlings Facebook community. I am also the Director of Loki University and the founder of the Wells of Yggdrasil community on Facebook.

Within Heathenry, aside from being a priest, I am also a vitki and well-versed in the runes. I combine Norse shamanic practices with the ancestral tradition I practice. I am a member of both the Troth and the Kemetic Orthodoxy. My occult specialties include the runes, natal astrology, numerology, and knot/cord magic.

In addition, I have started studying Hermeticism. I am also working on learning more about Druidry and Aztec Reconstructionism. The deities I currently work with are Norse: Odin, Loki, Freyr, Tyr, Ullr, Mani, Niorun, Freya, Sigyn; Aztec: Quetzalcoatl; Kemetic: Bast, Ptah, Sekhet, Nefertem; Greco-Egyptian: Hermes Trismegistus; Hellenic: Hephaestus, Athena.

Because I have relationships with deities from very different pantheons, I have a vested interest in theology. While I focus mainly on Norse theology, much of the views I hold are shaped by Neoplatonism, and I am always seeking to better understand the gods to better improve the relations I hold with them.

Interpreting Sallustius: Part I

Interpreting Sallustius: Part II

Interpreting Sallustius: Part III

The Importance of Myth in Practice

The Difficulty with Pagan Taxonomies

Deity-Human Relationship Patterns

Taking a Responsible Approach to Spirit Work

Why I Work With Deity-Class Spirits

Some Fields – aka Lenses – for Studying Polytheistic Religions

My LokiFest Presentation on Discernment


When The Gods Seem Distant

Odin and Autosacrifice

Odin, Loki, and Elohim

The Abundance of Misinformation

Terra Akhert

Em hotep!

My name is Terra Akhert and I’ve been floating (and flailing) around the Polytheistic online communities for several years now. I’m a multiple tradition Polytheist (specifically a Kemetic Orthodox Shemsu and a solitary Wiccan). As part of my Shemsu oath I am a divined daughter of Ra and Yinepu-Wepwawet as well as a beloved of Bast and Hethert-Sekhmet. I also have a somewhat messy devotional relationship with Loki (go figure) as well as being an ordained minister through The Universal Life Church. I like to think I occasionally have something interesting to say (when I’m not too busy trying to wrap my head around how all of this works). Join me? It should be interesting at least! 

How I Got Here

The Black Bird Buffet

Yours, Not Theirs

Harm None?

Musings on Loki

In Defense of Syncretism

All Jackal’s Eve: A Moomas time myth for Kids (And the young at heart)

Netjeri: The Divine Spirits

Body Positivity And The Gods

Kemetic Body Positivity: Beautiful Bellies

Egyptian Amazons

My Take On ChristoPaganism

Virginia Carper

A Roman Polytheist, I live in the Washington D.C. area with her family. I navigate life with a traumatic brain injury which gives me a different view on life. Besides writing about the Roman Religion (Religio Romana), I will also discuss the Gods of Mesopotamia and Canaan, living as a mystic, life with a brain injury, and other religious topics.

Polytheism with a Brain Injury

The Bedrock of Roman Polytheism: Pax Deorum

How Gods Recruit Their Followers

How Babylonian and Roman Gods Recruit Followers

Generational Trauma, Dolphins, and Neptune

Gods and Politics: Civics from the Romans

Inanna, Her Descent, and Her Sister Ereshkigal

Hekate, Anubis, and My Brain Injury

Gods and Spirits of the Land and Waters

Shadow Patrons (Gods)

Roman Polytheism and Spiritual Pollution

Time According to the Babylonians

Marduk and Tiamat (“Enuma Elish”: The Babylonian Epic of Creation)

Brightest Twilight 

To start things off: I am Christian. A Roman Catholic to be specific. And I practice Folk Catholicism. My very own brand of folk religion. One that is still in the process of creation and clarification.

Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

I was not raised religously nor was I raised Christian. I was Pagan for a long time in high school and afterwards. I mainly joined the church attempting to find a human community with which to be a member. In an ironic twist I found God. Not a community. Moments like those is when I know God has a sense of humor. My core beliefs had not changed since becoming Christian. Eventually this lead me to the discovery of the concept of Folk Catholicism/Christianity.

I was delighted when I came across henotheism in a class on religion. For awhile I was describing myself, mainly to myself, as a monotheistic polytheist. Which I knew made no sense but neither term by itself fit. Henotheism is the practice of worshiping one deity while not denying the existence of other deities. I exclusively work with, worship, pray to, commune with, ect…the Christian Trinity. But I know that there are other deities.


Magic and Me

Big T, little t

And Then There Were Angels

Lauren Michelle

I am a multi-tradition polytheist, working in Druidry, Heathenry, Celtic (specifically Irish), and Welsh traditions. It’s not always easy to keep everyone and everything straight, but I do my best. I work most closely with Loki, the Morrigan, Brigid, Cerridwen, and Blodeuwedd. Much of my practice is centered around the Arthurian mythos and the historicity of them. I also read Tarot and Oracle cards, Lenormand cards, and am learning Ogham and Runes. I’ve been Pagan since I was about 11, when my grandmother introduced me to the world of New Age beliefs. I find my faith everywhere I look in the world around me. I’m currently living in Canada with my two dogs, Dax and Harley, who keep me grounded.

Confidence in Paganism

The Quest I Didn’t Know I Was On

To Book or Not To Book…

Welsh Goddesses: Blodeuwedd

Tahni J. Nikitins

I am an author, Rökkatru practitioner, best friend of a black cat named Itty Bitty Kitty, traveler, activist, scholar, and probably a few other things, too.

Much of my spiritual practice hinges on historical research and critical readings of the surviving lore. I spent a year living in Uppsala, where I deepened my research and understanding of the historical context for pre-Christian Scandinavian religions and deepening my own spiritual practice. A series I wrote for Huginn’s Heathen Hoff was inspired by my research and time living in Sweden, and can be found on my author’s page for the site.

Gamla Uppsala panorama

More of my writing can be found at Eternal Haunted Summer. I have also been a guest columnist for The Wild Hunt, including a column on understanding trauma, one in defense of Unverified Personal Gnosis, and most recently a write up on the symposium Paganism & Its Discontents. My piece Is It Any Wonder has also been featured in A Beautiful Resistance.

I write poetry, book reviews, and shares publication updates and other random musings at my blog.

Introducing Rökkatru

Rökkatru: What Does It Mean?

Litha — With a Rökkatru Twist

Who are the Rökkr?

Lammas — Rökkatru Style

Responding to the Crisis in the Amazon

Mabon with a Rökkatru Flair

The Values of Rökkatru: Part 2

Rökkatru Samhain

The Politics of Rökkatru

A Very Belated Yule

A Very Belated Imbolc

A Belated Ostara

How do Norse neopagans typically view Rökkatru?

Common Misunderstandings about Rökkatru

Rise the Wind and Rise the Waves: An Ego-Sacrifice Ritual for Jörmungandr

Christian Bias in Surviving Lore 1

Rise the Wind and Rise the Waves: An Ego-Sacrifice Ritual for Jörmungandr

Christian Bias in the Surviving Lore 1

Christian Bias in the Surviving Lore 2

The Evolution of Pre-Christian Nordic Religion

An Argument for the Historical Worship of the Jötnar

What about the Rökkr?

And What About Loki?

Kathryn Stonich 

Hello, it’s nice to meet you through the computer screen! I am a twenty-seven-year-old author and adjunct professor of English from the Baltimore, Maryland area. For my education, I have an A.A. in Arts and Humanities from Community College of Baltimore County (community college represent!), a B.S. in English, and an M.S. in Professional Writing from Towson University.

On top of teaching, I am also an author of fiction and non-fiction, and a public speaker. So far, I have presented at conferences with a focus on feminist heathenism and teaching English at community colleges. When it comes to writing, I have a short fiction piece published in Loki’s Torch, and am currently working on representation for my young adult novel, The Gospel of Luke as I work on my non-fiction book, Loki: Goddess of Rhetoric.

Since childhood, I’ve had an interest in all things mythological. However, this love was kicked into high gear during my Master’s program, when my area of specialty became feminist and anti-feminist rhetoric in Norse mythology. Since then, I have expanded my studies, and use the knowledge I have gained not only to educate but also to ‘spice up’ my creative writing.

My specialties are European mythologies and magical/religious practices. To get even more specific, that would be all things Norse (with a primary focus on Loki) & Northern Heathenism, traditional Slovic religion and deities, Celtic gods and goddesses, and Finnish deities. However, along with mythological and pagan studies, I am an avid scholar in LGBTQ+ and feminist studies.

As for a few fun things about me, I’m the proud mama to a fancy pigeon (yes, fancy…I didn’t just pick him up off the street! Though, my friends wouldn’t put it past me to just quietly nab one in the city and walk home with it, I’m sure). His name is Finley and he is filled with seed and hate, and I love him. Also, I’m an avid reader of young adult fiction—it’s my favorite genre to not only read but write in!

Druidry, and The Hag of the Ironwood

A-Lada Love: A look at Lada, Slavic Goddess of Beauty

Morana and the Underworld

Pysanky and Egg Healing